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The Top 100 Humanoid RPing Sites

Welcome everyone!
Have you noticed that the role playing community has been spiraling downwards? That there aren't as many people out there or that there aren't as many quality sites? I believe they're still out there, we're just having a hard time finding them. I believe we need to try to reconnect back together.

This top list is very new, as you can see. This could be great advertising if we had more members. What's great is that if your one of the first members you'll get a head start at staying at the top when we do get more members. We are not going to be renewing the hits for quite some time. So you might want to take advantage. We do not accept role plays where you can ONLY create animal characters. (ex. horse rps, wolf rps) We accept role plays where your able to be 'humanoid' characters. (ex. city rps, fantasy rps, vampire rps, etc.) Humanoid covers quite a bit.

Once we get a decent amount of members we will be having contests where you can get as much as a new site or layout. So if I were you I'd keep checking back!

Does our banner clash with the style of your site or you've no idea where to put it?
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Site Of the Moment:
A dark fantasy RP set in a Dark Ages world, ready to break at the onset of war.

Rank Site Rating In Out
Chaotic Origin
9.71 3661 2141

In a world you thought you knew, secrets remain hidden in the shrouds of time and destiny. Welcome, to Chaotic Origin... Picture it, modern day Seattle, while the rain pelts or falls in endless sheets
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9.88 2199 4674

Don't just write stories, LIVE THEM! Enjoy the fun of playing pretend through the art of creative collaborative writing in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.
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Foresta Academy
10.00 2033 894

Foresta Academy was founded in 1880 for gifted and magical students by Timothy Kandless. Foresta is based in an alternate, yet simliar earth to our own. Intermediate and up, all creative roleplayers a
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MMORPG warofhell game
NR 2009 2568

MMORPG free online game
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

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9.51 1958 2012

A vast and detailed setting open to direct interaction from its members, a friendly community, and an emphasis on the writing aspects of roleplay combine to form the best forum roleplay site around.
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Visionary Tales
9.74 1711 2096
Visionary Tales is a community dedicated to roleplaying of all genres and all experience levels. A wealth of ideas, friendly staff, and welcoming members await you here. We’re better than missionaries Comments
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Super Smash Bros: Life Itself
10.00 1612 526

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to RP in the Smash Brothers universe? Well now you can! The RP takes place ten years after the SubSpace Emissary's collapse and explains the aftermath of
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10.00 1113 996

Elemental fantasy shifter RPG. Fabled is a no word count, quality over quantity RPG. Profiles are optional and the guidelines are simple.
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PLAGUED; Active Zombie RP
10.00 896 2085
Revelation 20:13 - "And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works."

It's been
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Creative Freedom RPG
9.87 783 1729

Breaking free from the oppressions of other roleplay sites, you step into the world of Creative Freedom where we strive to allow all who have a drive and a need for creativity to express themselves fr
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Legends of Nor'ova [RETIRED]
9.38 530 563

The Forum RP has been retired.
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8.35 413 1468

Elenlond is an original medieval fantasy rp. We strongly advocate creative, free-form writing, and our community is inviting and friendly.
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Europe 1300
9.92 352 480

Medieval times, strictly realistic, many professions (commoners: peasant, craftsman, merchant, minstrel; nobles: squire, knight, baron; clergy: monk/nun, priest, abbot, bishop). A browser game with fo
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9.34 328 788
A dark fantasy RP set in a Dark Ages world, ready to break at the onset of war. Comments
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Roleplay Social
10.00 242 616

Roleplay Social is an online roleplaying social network for all genres of roleplay. From fantasy and anime, to realistic and celebrities. If you can think it, you can roleplay it!
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Dyadic Theorem
NR 223 42

Dyadic Theorem is an AU futuristic fantasy role play centered around the city of New Rome and its inhabitants.
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Mafia RPG
10.00 217 582

Inspired by such great films as The Godfather, End of Watch, Training Day, Outrage, and any other criminal movie you can think of. Build your own criminal empire, or fight on the side of law.
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9.00 209 461

FateX is an expansive world born from the collision of various anime universes. Players can take up canons from any fictional work. Characters from Goku, Yugi Muto, Kratos to even Batman can all occup
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Devil May Cry: Endgame 2.0
10.00 184 335

We are a Devil May Cry Role Play Community that branches off from the original canon and through roleplay creates an interesting and fun take on the dmc universe as a whole.
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Eternia Bloodties
10.00 175 1186

The two great races were once as close as brothers when they first came into this world together, one born of the wolf and the other the bat. As time went on their numbers swelled and hostility slowly
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Mystical Realms
10.00 174 999

Mystical Realms is an extensive and unique fantasy Role-Playing Community that plays by chat and forum. Live the fantasy!
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Bifrost Bridge
9.77 173 548
Bifrost Bridge is a collaborative writing sanctuary where participants can partake in one or more continuous free-form stories. The storytellers work together to equally manipulate the settings and plot lines either directly or writing from one or more of Comments
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Lost In Serenity
10.00 168 480

Lost In Serenity is a play by post RP forum, set in Joss Whedon's Firefly/Serenity 'Verse. Players are invited to create their own characters, join a crew, take a job or just shoot the breeze in som
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Chaotic Rebirth
10.00 167 299

Chaotic Rebirth is an AU RPG that combines elements of Bleach and Dragonballz and creates a brand new canon for players to explore
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10.00 157 630

Vandara was created to bring the feel of a positive, welcoming, and friendly tabletop RPG community to a forum environment - so that writers and gamers from across the world can create unique characte
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Savage Entities
10.00 153 740

We're a post-apocalyptic role play community, without the zombies.
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The Mirror's Edge
10.00 126 366
The Mirrors Edge (TME) is a roleplay based around the concept of lycans and vampires having recently 'come out of the coffin' and have revealed themselves. Comments
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The Gathering Storm
8.88 109 817

The Gathering Storm is a Wheel of Time role-playing game, a medieval world of mystery, beauty, and fantasy. Sides will be chosen. Blood will be spilt.
Where will you stand when the storm breaks?
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Lodan - City of Gears
10.00 107 712

Join the City of Gears, a Victorian Steam Punk RP where you have the option to join 1 of 5 guilds, choose between magic or technology, and ultimately decide who's next in line for the monarchy. Pirat
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Khappa Official Artist Website and SocialStar
NR 99 221

Khappa Official artist Web Site with blog news, music, videos, 3D images, pics, lifestyle, and much more..!!
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Bad Times Are Coming
NR 97 419
In times of chaos, every Kingdom needs a strong ruler. It's funny how, sometimes it doesn't work that way. The Sovereign of Anbhas is too busy attempting to produce a male heir while the rest of the Comments
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Lunari Addunt
10.00 92 883

Lunari Addunt is a Literate Fantasy RP based on a futuristic USA where humans are no longer the only humanoid around. We have FIVE races: Humans, Vampires, Werewolves, Shifters and Mora! For more info
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9.75 86 380

open for review only.
novel-based RP. accepting early 2014.
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8.86 85 900
A traditional Inheritance RPG, set after the events of Eldest. New battles, new Riders, and new plotlines. Comments
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Role Playing Sanctum
5.35 63 993

RPS is a laid back site for role playing anything that comes to mind.
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Fallen Sanctuary
NR 54 581

In a world saturated with magic, balance can only last so long. Somewhere along the line, things started to change. A strange magical phenomena began to occur, and people began to notice...
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Naruto: Province of Legends
10.00 52 320
Join our completely custom world of Naruto! Complete with completely original villages, jutsu, characters, and plot. Comments
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Imporia: Opus Dei
10.00 51 339

Welcome to Imporia, a semi-literate+ Quad/bipedal AU werewolf role-play like never before. For many years there was peace between packs, but the tides are changing!
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10.00 50 330
A world of danger and a board of play on tilt, where friends and enemies align and the powers that be are not always on your side. A world where the shifting sands are sliding, falling, and a new day Comments
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7 Deadly Sins
9.00 49 1012

Here at Morgan Hill life is normal. Well normal for what everyone that lives there calls normal. Band's walk the streets like superstars, and the paparazzi and fans follow like Head Lice. It pretty m
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United Nations Online
7.00 46 443

A United Nations Role-Play set in the middle of New York City, at the United Nations Headquaters.
Currently accepting Civilians and United Nations workers, everyone is welcome here in this Real-Life R
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NR 44 313

Earth has been rendered uninhabitable. Remedy has been constructed, a bio-dome to protect from the toxins of air outside. Three 'Gods' have control of life, and creatures less than human roam the st
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NR 40 22

Solari is a play-by-post RPG with elements of theological plot-lines, DnD centric events and member written horror.
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Guilty Pleasures Roleplaying
NR 37 8
Guilty Pleasures is an 18+ multi-genre roleplaying site. Come join us Comments
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Roleplay Adventures
9.78 31 1534

Within our realms, we offer an active and friendly place for a variety of settings and plots based upon one's personal tastes.
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Zoanthrope Investigations
8.67 24 684
A play by post role-play where a police force must keep were-animals under close watch. Comments
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Riders of Domhan
6.00 22 715

Demons, Dragons, Elves, and Gryphons… And that’s only the beginning! Domhan is a lost land of fantasy and magic. It is here that soldiers and assassins ride on the backs of legendary beasts.
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World of Warcraft: The Frozen North
NR 21 280

A World of Warcraft Roleplay that takes place in a post cataclysm world. Deathwing has died, and so has the majority of Black Dragonflight. The Cold North, a world that many had left after the defeat of the Lich King still holds onto some of the people wh
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Stargate: Origins
NR 19 325

Stargate: Origins is based in the year 2021, after over a decade of galactic peace the advancement of not only Earth but the entire galaxy has reached a golden age of prosperity. But from the shows lurks an old enemy...returning after great technological
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Ever Changing Spirits
7.78 19 906
Hundreds of years ago, Native Americans sent Talismans down to Earth to guide us. As the years passed, the Indians died out but left us our guiding spirits.
Today, those spirits are a part of us. They come to us in our dreams, guiding and teaching us. Ho
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Jacmus Prime RPG
5.29 19 440

Jacmus Prime RPG is a text based role-play game that was first launched in 2002 in Cheeta Chat. Now with its own Chat rooms and 'wiki' style interactive player web site JP RPG is reopening its door
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The Aether
NR 16 207
A steampunk & fantasy world set in the neo-victorian era, where cities fly and some automatons could be mistaken for humans. A wondrous world, but not as ideal as it appears. The cities are dirty, sme Comments
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Naruto Shinobi Rebirth
NR 15 217

Naruto Shinobi Rebirth is a brand new Naruto RPG that takes place in an Alternate Universe. The story begins at the very start of the series, so characters will begin in their pre-time skip forms! The
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10.00 14 258

Altear is a Play-by-Post game set in the mythical otherworld of legend. Here the children of pagan gods game for the throne of ancient empires that practice magics and ways older than humanity itself.
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Roleplay Refuge; A Tapestry of Tales
9.49 14 1266
We are a board where brand new first-time roleplayers and old hats can come together and just have a good time writing. We offer all conceivable genres, time periods, and all manner of creatures / peo Comments
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Club Dead
NR 12 454
Enter the underground world of Club Dead. Where mythical creatures exist as an endangered species within the modern world. Hunted to near extinction, the vampires are fighting for their very lives. An Comments
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Horror tales rpgs
2.50 12 498
Horror rpgs and chat Comments
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Thorns of Chaos
9.67 12 187

We are a futuristic post apocalyptic survival rp. We have multiple races and classes to choose from. We are brand new, and looking for members so come join us.
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3.00 11 335

FULMiNE is multi-faceted, open-world fantasy and scifi roleplay site. Technology, magic, primitive elements- all in one place. Check it out today!
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Lunari Addunt
10.00 11 357

Here in Lunari we have 5 very different races from humans to shifters and even vampires. Feel free to explore our lands, but be careful, the war of the races carries on.
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Roleplay Domain
NR 10 31

Roleplay Domain is an online free roleplaying network for creative writing and roleplay. All writing styles and levels are welcome. Join today and be creative. Find us on facebook @ https://www.facebo
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10.00 10 697

Althanas is a unique hybrid of a role-playing forum and a writing workshop sporting thousands of completed threads. Enter our world, where you can write your own legend.
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A Lost Hope
6.67 10 408
There are whispers of war in the south, it seems like the country of Calimshaw, is going to go to war with the mountain people of Farthum. No one is sure why there is going to be a war, but there are Comments
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8.00 7 329
A Semi-Post-Apocalyptic RolePlay forum that takes place in 2024. Eternity, the only city left standing in America, is in chaos, and the sinister Division 17 is thriving. What will you, a genetically e Comments
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Super Smash Brothers: Life Itself
10.00 7 217

In this Super Smash Brothers Roleplay, the story is the most unique and profound. We are the original Super Smash Brothers Roleplay site and a dedicated community. After the Subspace Emissary collapse
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The Most Happy
NR 7 435

Queen Katherine of Aragon was called home by God during the Sweating Sickness outbreak in 1528.

Henry remains infatuated with Anne Boleyn and means to marry her, but how will England react to this new relationship? And what of the Lady's rumoured Luth
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Top of the Charts
NR 7 190

Do you have what it takes to be in the Number 1 singing group, of the world? Join Today!
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Bring it on!
NR 7 419

A small gated community in the great state of New York has been relatively low key. Actors/Actresses, Business men and women, Singers and Models have all lived in Winchester Heights without much issue from crazed fans and paparazzi. The Winchester Heights
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Fall of the Chosen
NR 7 300

A Stat-Based Fantasy RPG set in the fictional realm of Invidia where Demons rule and Champions fight to survive.
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Synthetic Truth
10.00 6 461
We need you. A community of writers is nothing without a wide array of members. We value diversity, and we would like nothing better than to have a network of writers from every genre so that not only can each member can find someone who shares her tast Comments
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Arcane : Fantasy/Supernatural RP Forum
NR 6 585

Arcane is a roleplay forum where fantasy and supernatural genres have merged together to create the world of Theoria. Roleplay ANY species you like, be it demons, vampires or something you made up you
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Rewrite The OC
NR 6 53

Rewrite The OC is a TV Show/Teen Drama RP based off the show The OC. We allow any character from the show and also created character. Our main open characters right now are Ryan, Marissa, Summer, Juli
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Aegle Waygate
NR 5 167
Aegle Waygate

Platform: IRC
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Amazing Bible Blog
10.00 5 40

Insightful information as it pertains to current world news and Bible prophecy! End time events as we see being fulfilled before our very eyes!
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The War Against Crime
NR 4 239

The War Against Crime is rated R for language, but PG-13 for any sexuality references. The community is based around crime in the modern world. We offer a free flowing roleplay community designed by the idea of a "judgment system". The system allows you
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Warriors Rpg
7.78 4 318
This is a rpg based on the Warriors series, it is a active site and currently is being updated.There are about 4 admins currently, please check us out! Comments
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Heat of the Moment
NR 4 34
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Blackrock Weyr
6.67 3 568
Blackrock is a relatively non-canon, mature themed board set in the middle of the 5th pass. After a plague wiped out the majority of the riders and weyrfolk, the weyr is left with a final clutch, a cr Comments
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Kingdom of Silvermoon
NR 3 10
Come one, come all, to the Kingdom of Silvermoon! A free-form setting that has recently been reinvigorated after a lengthy hiatus. Dating back to 1993, this legacy role-play has a rich history of player driven actions. Having recently moved from tradition Comments
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NR 2 37

Will you harness the power of your inner beast or will you stand amongst them and thrive? Animalia is a new human/shapeshifter roleplay.
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NR 2 11 is an online roleplay social networl community built by roleplayers for roleplayers. allows you to create characters and develop storylines.
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10.00 2 131
Welcome to the Conspiracy. Where the Fey's are disappearing one by one, the government remains silent and the gangs advance dangerously in technology. Choose your side, find your fate. Join the [Conspiracy] Comments
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Once Upon a Time
NR 2 119

Ever wonder what would happen if the characters of fairy tales were around today, well well they are here. Based off the hit TV show Once Upon a time, you can find out & tell your own story as well. The place is Storybrooke, Maine the town is populated
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Until The Dawn.
NR 2 189
Welcome to Middleton, Tennessee y'all! Enjoy the scandalous small town life. Just remember - secrets rarely go undiscovered. But, you're usually safe until the dawn. Comments
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Guilds Of North Texas
8.00 2 190

Guilds is a fun activity of roleplaying in a medevil setting, enough so for lots of exercise from teenagers to young adults. Have fun deuling your friends in a safe environment. Guilds is not held lia
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Anime Episodes, DBZ, and More
NR 2 0

Anime Episodes, DBZ, and More, Also be sure to check out out Sponsor.
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Dragon Ball: Revivals
NR 2 138

A DBZ Role Play site set 500 years in the future. Features 25 races, 8 planets, 7 Martial Arts styles, and 2 factions currently at war. New players welcome!
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Pretty Little Liars
NR 2 86

We are very easy going, no word count, just a place to have fun!
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Nova Weyr
10.00 1 308

The Sands of time do not always flow smoothly...

What if they had taken a different path? If Fax had killed F'lar and Lessa and declared war on the dragonmen of Pern? If the Holds had risen up and dragons had keened into the night. If Thread fell and n
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NR 1 261
A new Eragon Inspired RPG, set in the land world of Cestion. The Grandmaster of the Dragon Riders has been assassinated, throwing the workings of the riders into doubt. Will you be a Rider? Elf? Human Comments
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8.44 1 317

Mizahar is a fantasy roleplay forum in which a dedicated, friendly, and free community of roleplayers and artists gather to spin epic-level tales via collaborative storytelling. Players write their character's adventures as posts in a forum ("play by post
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Bleach Worlds
NR 1 141

most active new bleach rpg
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Arcianya: Last of the Magi
3.50 1 373

Arcianya: Last of the Magi is a brand new medieval/fantasy para/multi-paragraph game. We offer a broad plot with plenty of room for playing around with, as well as various species to pick from. Our of
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Epic Fantasy
NR 1 625
A friendly and fun fantasy RP. We're growing in our community, so join now! [Staff applications are up] Comments
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Mythical Lands RPG
7.50 1 331
Mythical Lands RPG is a role playing site for all. This world of fairy tales and truth is far away from the world of earth, it is past the vast emptiness of space and into an unknown universe on an unknown planet where anything can happen. This world form Comments
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A Blood Life
NR 1 9

Now creatures of all shapes and sizes are getting along, and live large. The learned to trust one another, but a new threat is ready to turn all of that around. Will the groups come in peace or will i
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NR 0 6
Tᴀᴋᴇ ᴀ sᴛᴇᴘ ɪɴᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ɴɪɴᴊᴀ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ. Comments
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World of Eberron
NR 0 285

A medieval/fantasy RP set in the world of Eberron, a fantastical place that incorporates steampunk, gunpowder and magic-powdered locomotives. Perfect for all those who desire the typical sword and sorcery genre, but with an added bit of excitement!
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NR 0 278
A medieval/fantasy RP that incorporates unique elements, such as gunpowder and steam power. All age groups welcome, so join us and have fun! Comments
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Navajo Fires
5.30 0 260

Navajo Fires is a realistic Native American RPG. The plot is a tribe who was destroyed by the white settlers, and are trying to rebuild their lives, and seek revenge.
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